Thursday, February 12, 2009

What is this all about?

On my other blog on Wordpress I have a pretty clear and definite plan. On that blog I'll write up my class notes, and other resources, with the goal of re-studying and having a stronger and more united grasp of physics.

Here I'll just post meta-questions. By meta-questions I mean such questions has: "Why is it necessary to build on an axiomatic basis the real numbers?", "Why are we also presenting physics in an axiomatic way?", "What is Quantum-Mechanics and what is my interpretation of it?". And of course a whole lot of other things similar to these ones.

These sort of questions and other issues that I feel that don't go along with the purpose of Climbing the Mountain will end up in here. I may review some book, I may discuss some particular point (or points) of some book I've read, I may post here some wacky reasoning/calculation/neat trick/thought that for some reason or another I find to be interesting. I'll post some interesting questions (to me at least) pertaining some field of knowledge that has some sort of relation with Physics and/or Mathematics. Please expect a true pot pourri of ideas and themes whose only identifying theme will be the fact that they come from the same guy.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the ride.



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